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You have more power than you can imagine. Life has given you an unique opportunity to prove how much strength and power you really do have. You do not have to prove this on your own. We have created a family of people that know how unique you are and want to support your power. You were born with a innate capacity for healing and sometimes there are obstacles to that and many people spend their lives wanting to help take away those obstacles. We have brought them together to help you. If you want to have this network to support your journey we absolutely want to connect you with people in your area to do that. We want you to have all the love and support you need as you embrace your strength and power. You are and will be a light to others as you traverse this journey. Shine On!  

To qualify to be a Power Kid, you must be:

  • Under 18 years old
  • Currently enrolled in treatment for cancer, or
  • Been through treatment within the last 5 years

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Maryland Trek 5 POWER KIDS

Day 1- Caden C.

Caden, was 5 years old when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. During his three and a half year treatment he and his family fought with all their might. He endured weekly chemotherapy injected into his spine and suffered tremendous treatment side effects such as headaches, behavioral changes, diffuse pain and nausea. As of this summer he completed his 5 year check up after completion of his treatment. He was the first kid treated as a power kid because his mom is a physical therapist  and committed to holistic care. She asked Shannon (co-founder) for help to get relief from a 5 week headache that did not resolve with other treatment. Cade is a quiet kid that takes in life from a point of being an observer and is active in Boy Scouts. He still has no headache. 

Day 2- Nicholas

Nicholas is a very athletic kid and loves adventure and the outdoors. It’s a perfect tribute to him to have the trek team hike and bike for him. He currently has osteosarcoma in both legs, left femur and right tibia. He’s had his limb-sparing, tumor resection surgery on Tuesday (July 24). He’s being treated at Johns Hopkins and they’ve been very open to any holistic treatments we’ve incorporated. I got him started with reiki at the suggestion of one of my colleagues in the Marine Band. Nicholas loves it and it’s become an integral piece of the puzzle in keeping him as healthy as possible through this. Nicholas is an amazing, strong, resilient boy, and he’s facing everything he’s going through with a positive attitude. 

Nicholas was just diagnosed on April 23 and there are no words to describe what it’s been like since that day. Organizations like Just In Power Kids  truly make a difference for a family faced with this living nightmare.

Day 3- Ariella

Ariella is 10 years old and currently fighting Ewing's Sarcoma for the 2nd time in 2 years.  She was initially diagnosed in February 2017 with a tumor in her tibia, which initially we thought was a dance injury.  Unfortunately it was cancer and she went through a grueling 17 rounds of chemotherapy (inpatient every other week) and limb salvage surgery on her leg requiring an external fixator for almost a year. She was declared no evidence of disease in December 2017 but unfortunately routine scans in June showed lesions in her lung and sacrum.  As of mid-July she has completed 2 rounds of chemo for her relapse.  We are not sure overall how many rounds of chemo she will have but will also have radiation and bone marrow transplant with one of her parents being the donor.  Having cancer has made Ariella want to help other want to help other sick children and she has started Ari's Bears, a foundation to give bears to kids in hospitals. To date she has raised several thousand dollars and delivered bears to 3 local hospitals.  Ariella is a dancer, dancing all styles with her favorite being tap, and she cannot wait to get back into the studio now that her leg is healed.  She will be entering 6th grade in the fall and though she will miss many days of school due to treatment, she is looking forward to starting middle school.

Day 4- Mya

 Mya otherwise known as Mya Bee because of her sassy personality was just 2 years old when she was diagnosed with AML M6 back in April of 2017. She has spent most of her time since then at Johns Hopkins Hospital fighting this war. Her treatments of chemotherapy, brain and spinal radiation as well as a bone marrow transplant to help save her life damaged her brain and spine which cost her mobility and she is now a quadriplegic on a ventilator. But what has remained the same, is her spunky attitude. She was never afraid to take charge and tell everyone what was on her mind.

Mya loved to go camping, to go on a boat, to dance and sing. As well as spending time with her brother Logan and her dog Hazel. 

She is currently in the PICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital waiting for transfer to Kennedy Krieger for inpatient extensive physical therapy. Once she has finished she will be able to go home and be monitored 24/7.

We are so excited to see what she is capable of doing. And hopefully one day we can get her back into doing the things that she loves.

Day 5- Ella (Our Ambassador)

Ella was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare childhood bone and soft tissue cancer, on her 9th birthday after going to the hospital for what she thought was a bad stomach bug turned out to be a very large tumor growing in her stomach. . Ella, currently age 10, underwent 14 rounds of chemo and 8 weeks of radiation at Johns Hopkins, and was declared no evidence of disease in January 2018!  Although the initial diagnosis was devastating to Ella and her family, Ella almost always woke up most days with a smile on her face and was constantly joking around with her nurses and doctors. Ella is very full of life and has a sparkle that comes from within. Ella is so excited and honored to be an ambassador and participate this year in the kids trek after spending the last year in treatment with supportive care from a team of holistic practitioners . She’s 6 months cancer free and feeling great, and is thrilled to participate in the kids trek this year supporting Just in Power Kids to help other kids with cancer! 


Facebook Page @TeamEllaEdwards https://www.facebook.com/teamellaedwards/



Day 5- Claire

Claire Rose was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma on May 22, 2014 at four years old. Her tumor was between her 7th & 8th ribs near her spine. She endured 17 grueling rounds of chemotherapy, and multiple surgeries over the course of a year. She had 4 ribs removed, and a spinal fusion. We are blessed to say she has been considered in remission since May 14, 2015. She is now 8 years old, and a gifted competitive dancer.

She has a special place in her heart for other kids fighting cancer, and visits Johns Hopkins where she was treated every Friday night, to spend time with kids currently fighting cancer. 

She inspired the creation of the Forever Fierce Foundation which raises money to find a better, safer cure for childhood cancer.

Claire has been diagnosed with beginning stage kidney disease caused by the chemotherapy she received. She has also been diagnosed with "failure to thrive," as she is just 43lbs at 8 years old. Even with these side effects, we can't express how blessed we feel to have her here with us. We know she is destined for big things, as "though she be but little, she is fierce."

Day 6- Cade W.

In March 2016, our 21-month-old son, Cade, started randomly crossing his eyes. Within a week it escalated from a few times a day to a few times an hour.With some persistence, we were able to get three pediatric ophthalmologist appointments the following week. Thankfully, one of the doctors saw something that the other two did not see – optic nerve paleness. This alerted her to order an MRI.  On April 11, 2016, Cade had his first of many MRIs. A brain tumor the size of a baseball was discovered, and our lives were forever changed from that moment.  

On April 14, Cade underwent a nine-hour brain surgery to have his tumor resected.  Thankfully, the entire tumor was removed. On April 19, the initial pathology report confirmed that the tumor was brain cancer – medulloblastoma.

Although the tumor was removed, Cade still needed intense treatment to lessen his chance of relapse. He proved throughout his cancer journey that he is a fighter.  Since his diagnosis in April 2016, he accumulated over 10 scars, endured 42 chemotherapy treatments, was rushed to John Hopkins ED at least 10 times, and spent about 100 nights in Hopkins.  He has also had 15 surgeries, needed seven blood transfusions, and three platelet transfusions.  Cade threw up more times than we would ever be able to count, he lost weight, lost his hair, had horrible mouth sores, the worst diaper rash, but he kept his loving spirit and smile.

Cade has had some complications since his cancer treatment ended from a condition called hydrocephalus, which he developed after his tumor was resected.  It is an accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in his brain.  He had a shunt placed in May 2016 to treat it, but unfortunately a shunt comes with many complications.  He’s had his replaced a several times, most recently in October 2017, when he endured 4 brain surgeries in 12 days.

He is 4 years old now.  He is finished treatment - still getting full brain/spine MRIs every 3 months to be sure he stays NED (no evidence of disease).  In addition, he is significantly delayed with his speech...caused by the brain tumor, removing the brain tumor, and just fighting for his life for 8 months instead of living the life of a 2 year old.  He is also cognitively delayed in other academic areas.  He has an IEP and sees two speech pathologists regularly.  I would like to explore holistic options to see how they could help Cade.  He will be playing soccer this fall on a team (something he is very excited about!), loves playing outside, the pool, rough housing with his brothers...he's all boy.  Cade is a super happy kid and makes everyone smile around him. :)

This journey has taught us how valuable life is, to not take a moment for granted, and to look for the positives in negative situations.

Day 7- Brooklynn

Brooklynn, affectionally known as Brooke is a 5 year old fighter. On the evening of March 14, 2017,  her family took her the ER after being sick for a number of weeks with what they thought was bronchitis. After blood work was done, it was immediately apparent that their lives would all change forever. 

She was diagnosed with T cell leukemia on March 15, 2017 at the tender age of 3. Brooke is being treated at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore by the wonderful Dr. Aziza Shad and the oncology team. She has had to undergo systemic chemotherapy injected regularly and take a host of medications daily with the goal of treatment being to bring about a remission.
She is about halfway through her treatment with an end of treatment date for July 26, 2019. 

She has been more sick than healthy in her short life and that has come with so many effects. She starts Kindergarten in the fall and will still have to manage treatments while adjusting into normal childhood life. 

Brooke comes from a family centered in strength and love and the lessons learned from this journey thus far have changed the trajectory of their lives forever.  Form her mother "Cancer t has take a lot from her but it has given her so much more. We are lucky, even battling cancer. Yes we are lucky."