Welcome to Just In Power Kids

Welcome to Just In Power Kids

Welcome to Just In Power KidsWelcome to Just In Power Kids

Welcome Power Kid

You have more power than you can imagine. Life has given you an unique opportunity to prove how much strength and power you really do have. You do not have to prove this on your own. We have created a family of people that know how unique you are and want to support your power. You were born with a innate capacity for healing and sometimes there are obstacles to that and many people spend their lives wanting to help take away those obstacles. We have brought them together to help you. If you want to have this network to support your journey we absolutely want to connect you with people in your area to do that. We want you to have all the love and support you need as you embrace your strength and power. 

You are and will be a light to others as you traverse this journey. Shine On!  
To qualify to be a Power Kid, you must be:

  • Under 18 years old
  • Currently enrolled in treatment for cancer, or
  • Been through treatment within the last 5 years

Patient Application

Become a Power Kid

Patient application PDF (pdf)


Maryland Trek 7 August 9-15, 2020

The Maryland Trek is our annual hike and bike across the state each August. We honor a kid each day to inspire them. This is our big fundraiser and promotion to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Maryland Trek 6 in 2019 has raised about $100,000 for our programs. See the full event and Power Kids at www.marylandtrek.com