Healing from the inside out

It has long been accepted that nutrition plays an important part in healing. To support an internal environment that promotes repair and recovery at the cellular level you must provide the body with the proper building blocks through your diet. 

There has been more and more research on the importance of understanding the role that diet plays in  healing from cancer specifically. When a child is diagnosed with cancer and then going through treatments, parents and providers are just happy to have the child eat anything. The side effects of treatment such as nausea and malnutrition cause the need for the most calories possible in the quickest and easiest way possible. It is difficult to balance  getting the maximum calories with the best nutritional value.

In the chaos of traveling to and from treatment or the stress of being inpatient, on the overwhelming emotional roller coaster called cancer  there are often so many other balls in the air that it is no wonder that nutrition and diet are one of the last things parents and providers are looking at, for themselves as well as their children.

We, at Just In Power Kids, wanted to support the kids and their families holistically at all levels and determined that providing nutritional support could assist their healing. We are offering healthy options while the child and family are at the hospital in the easiest way possible by  delivering Johns Fit Meals a few times a month to pediatric oncology units at our local Baltimore Hospitals. 

This program is possible because of the generosity of so many supporters. 

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We also have any providers and board members that focus on nutrition as part of their career. The links are below, you will find information, education and recipes.