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By partnering with a variety of holistic practitioners, other non-profit organizations , as well as  local support within communities we will alter the experience of pediatric illnesses. Illness cannot be overcome with one singular approach.  Mind, body and spirit must be nurtured, supported and appreciated synergistically for wholeness to be restored through the holistic approach to empowerment. 

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If you have a passion for treating children and you are a holistic practitioner, we need you as part of our team. We would love to discuss with you how you could become part of the network of providers in Maryland that treat children going through traditional cancer treatments. We have some requirements to maintain a standard of practice and we can assist you in determining if this is a path you want to serve on. 

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Do you feel called to support children undergoing cancer treatments but don't know how to help? We absolutely need you and would love to have a conversation with you about where your gifits could fit into our program. 

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Trek Team

The Maryland trek across the state has historically raised a lot of money to put towards pediatric cancer organizations. We are looking for individuals and organizations to participate in and sponsor the event.  It is an event of endurance and commitment just as children endure the treatment of having a cancer. 

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Children in need of treatment

Do you have a child going through cancer treatment and are interested in being a participant of the Just In Power Kids network? We absolutely want to help. 

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